Move Up in Your Career

Move Up in Your Career

Move Up in Your Career

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Advance from a CC® or CPC® candidate to a Certified Sous Chef or Certified Working Pastry Chef Designation in as little as three years with our ACF Approved Courses. Certain refresher courses and updated work experience may be all that is needed to move up in your career. provides the mandatory and continuing education hours required by the ACF to achieve this career step.

Recently, the ACF released their Candidate Handbook which contains information on the step by step process to become a Certified Sous Chef with the ACF.

Step 1.

Determine Eligibility. Eligibility is based on a chef’s work experience and educational background.

Step 2.

Complete Initial Pre-Approval Application. Complete and submit pre-approval application, included all the required documentation. This step requires a certain number of continuing education courses, mandatory courses, or recertification courses. Everything you need to complete the initial pre-approval application and to move up in your chef career is provided by 123ce for your ease, convenience, and affordability.

Step 3.

Notification of Eligibility. Once you have been notified that your pre-approval application has been accepted, you should schedule the written and practical exams with the ACF. See Step 4.

Step 4:

Certification Examinations. There are two exams required for the CSC Certification: the written exam evaluates culinary knowledge and the practical exam assess skill proficiency. These are explained in more detail within the ACF’s online version of the Candidate Handbook.

Step 5:

Final Application. Upon successful completion of the written and practical exams, submit final application, along with appropriate documentation and remaining certification fee. Mandatory education courses (nutrition, food safety and sanitation, and supervisory management) must be current at time of final application. If not, a refresher course offered by 123ce may be required.

Step 6:

Official Announcement of Certification. Congratulations! The ACF and 123ce would like to share your certification accomplishments.

For more details and explanation for what each step requires to become a Certified Sous Chef, view the application on ACF’s online version of the Candidate Handbook.


Certified Sous Chef

The Certified Sous Chef certification is designated to identity chefs and inform the public of individuals who have demonstrated a standard level of culinary competence and expertise through education, experience, knowledge, and skills consistent with the executive chef level.

Certification Matters

Certification shows employers that a Certified Sous Chef® has reached a benchmark of skills and culinary experience with high standards for food preparation. It shows working knowledge of culinary nutrition, food safety and sanitation, and supervisory management has been demonstrated. The certificant is in control of their professional development and career, and this increased quality, knowledge, and motivation is passed on to other staff. Certification reassures consumers that the food they eat is prepared to the highest standard.