Food for the Soul

Food for the Soul

Food for the Soul

Focusing on the nourishment of good food for our bodies is the driving force and inspiration for most every chef. Food affects the way we feel and provides the energy we need to make it through each day. This is one reason why the Chef and Culinary field is both important and honorary. 123ce appreciates the chef’s who take the time to create food that will nourish the body.

As food is nourishment to the body, so is gratitude nourishment for the soul.

Here are just a handful of chefs who recently completed a 123ce course and expressed their thankfulness!

“The course is designed in a way that reflects real hospitality food cost management, commonly used in the US.”

#311 – Chef Cost Control Managements (30 hrs) Michael Schmutzer

The Business Communication study book provides all topics we comes across during our daily business operation and keeps us engaged. The ends of chapter activities are very motivating with real life situations giving a true vision from business leaders in today’s market. Will definitely recommend this course.

#301 Business Communications (50 hrs) Daniel Klein

123ce was an exceptional method of climbing up the culinary ladder towards certification without having to attend a four year institution. I am looking forward to preparing for my certification and becoming a certified chef. Thank you.

#332 – Chef Supervisory Management (30 hrs) Aaron Kincaid

An Awesome course of study. Thank you for having this course available for people like me to educate ourselves with the most up to date required information. I will love to continue my educational requirements credit required and so will I continue to seek your assistance in providing courses such as this. Thank you so much. It’s never too late to go back to school and continue to learn. 

#354 – Intro to Food & Safety & HACCP (5 hrs) Gracie Reddick

The course 333 Chef Nutrition moves my mind and my vision about Nutrition as a valuable context for my kitchen job. I would like to recommend this course for people who looking to be professional chefs.

#333 – Chef Nutrition (30 hrs) Salomon Sanchez Bernuy

Excellent, comprehensive without being difficult to comprehend (“scientific terminology,: etc.). The Study Guide is well-organized and will make a valuable future Reference Guide.  This has been a most positive experience and I look forward to future courses!    Sincere thanks!

#380 – Practical Application of Food Allergy Guidelines (8 hrs) Harriet Jacobs

Using is a great way to work in continuing ed classes at reasonable prices, in a schedule that fits with my work life.

#330 – Introduction to Computer (30 hrs) Rebecca Altmann