Earning Potential-Benefits of becoming ACF certified

Earning Potential-Benefits of becoming ACF certified

One of the advantages to becoming an ACF certified chef is the opportunity to increase your salary and wages. According to the ACF, certified chefs earn on average 7% more yearly than chefs who are not certified.

Apart from the opportunity to increase your salary as a certified chef, there are some interesting insights on the analytics of chefs’ salaries included in the study by the ACF. We’ve listed a few of these interesting facts below, check them out!

  1. The industry’s unemployment rate is low.
    Only 3% were not employed but actively seeking employment, compared with the January 2012 national unemployment rate of 8.3%. (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  2. Corporate executives/managers and research chefs bring in the highest median base salaries.
    Corporate executives/managers earned $97,000, followed by research chefs ($90,000) and administrators in education ($74,000). Executive chefs earned $66,000.
  3. Holding ACF certification increases average compensation.
    Respondents with at least one ACF certification reported 7% higher average total compensation than those without an ACF certification.
  4. The gender pay gap is significant.
    The median base salary for male corporate executives/managers was $28,000 higher than that of a woman. In terms of total cash compensation, men earned $38,500 more than female corporate executives. Male executive chefs earned nearly $18,000 more than women executive chefs.
  5. Where you live affects how much you earn.
    The highest median base salary was in the middle Atlantic ($65,000), followed by New England and the Pacific (each $60,000)

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As an additional resource here is a PDF from the ACF’s website that fully covers the benefits of certification – http://www.acfchefs.org/download/documents/certify/certification/value.pdf