Cook Versus Chef – Increase your earning potential with two new ACF Designations for cooks

Cook Versus Chef – Increase your earning potential with two new ACF Designations for cooks

The main difference between a cook and a chef is that cooks usually work entry-level positions that do not require formal culinary education. The ACF recently announced their launch of two entry-level certifications that will help cooks advance their career. These two new certifications are the Certified Fundamentals Cook (CFC®) and Certified Fundamentals Pastry Cook (CFPC®).

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, a chef or head-cook in The United States has an annual median salary of $42,480 per year- compared to the annual median salary of $20,550 for cooks.

Are you a cook looking to advance your career opportunities? Here are the requirements for the two entry level certification designations for CFC and CFPC– “Candidates for the CFC® and CFPC® programs are required to complete 30-hour courses in nutrition, food safety and sanitation, and must have earned a high school diploma or GED, 75 Continuing Education Hours or graduated from an ACFEF Secondary Program. Individuals who pass the program’s written and practical exams will have acquired the basic, fundamental skill set necessary to immediately work in and contribute to the foodservice industry. Certified individuals can continue their upward mobility by honing their skills and knowledge as they pursue additional savory or baking and pastry certifications.”

If you are a cook looking to advance your career, offers the mandatory 30-hour certification courses and 5-50 hr. Continuing Education courses you will need to fulfill the certification requirements for the CFC and CFPC ACF Designations. Check out our courses here.

Also, you can view our ACF Certification page here which will help you understand the requirements for each ACF Designation available. If you have any questions, our student advisors are available Mon – Fri 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM EST. 800.830.5142 or email us at

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