Advanced Culinary Nutrition Applications
Nutrition education is essential for individuals with culinary responsibilities. Many chefs and aspiring chefs are committed to expanding their culinary nutrition knowledge. Advance Culinary Nutrition Applications includes information to fill the void between the food scientist working in a research laboratory and the line chef whose task is menu development.

5 Hours

$60.00 $51.00

Nutrition: Making it Work for You
Nutrition awareness is essential for Chefs as they play an integral role in preparing and serving healthful food. Nutrition: Making it Work for You provides an introduction to the fundamentals of nutrition by exploring basic nutrients, diet modifications, and recipe substitutions. Basic diet modification for obesity, hypertension, and diabetes are incorporated.

5 Hours

$60.00 $51.00

Chef Nutrition Recertification
Because Chefs play an integral role in preparing and serving healthy food, education in nutrition is essential. This recertification course meets the ACF renewal requirement in nutrition by providing a review in basic nutrition, menu planning, healthy cooking, label reading, diet modification and more.

8 Hours

$65.00 $55.00

Nutrient Analysis for School Breakfast & Lunch Programs
Want to spend more time on what really matters? This course provides an easy way for school nutrition managers to quickly assess the nutrient content of their meals, granting more time to plan and prepare nutritious and appealing meals for school students. Other topics presented include school lunch and breakfast program regulations and how to estimate nutrient content with both traditional and enhanced, food-based menu planning.

10 Hours

$99.00 $84.00

Chef Nutrition Certification
Nutrition education is essential for many reasons including a better understanding of the properties of foods along with how they are prepared and served. Many cooks, chefs and aspiring chefs demonstrate an interest in preparing meals that are both delicious and healthy. This Nutrition course contains valuable and applicable information in nutrition standards and guidelines, a deeper exploration into food properties, maintenance and dieting, food technology, and more. Chef Nutrition includes the most current ebook: Nutrition Concepts & Controversies 14th edition Cengage Publishing.

30 Hours

$155.00 $132.00


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