Exams and Grading

Exams and Grading

Students will be evaluated on the basis of lesson examinations. 123ce courses are very much like their classroom counterparts, except for “when” and “where” the student studies and completes lesson exams. Students are not evaluated on how well they compare with other students, but on how well they perform in terms of the learning objectives.

Examinations should be taken on a timely basis. Students may study at their own pace but they are expected to complete all of the course exams in six (6) months or one (1) year for 50 – hour business courses. Most students finish their courses in less time.

Students should establish a weekly study schedule and try not to deviate from it. Each student should attempt to complete at least one lesson exam each month. This schedule is designed to allow students sufficient time to complete their studies. It is a suggested schedule – precisely when students complete each exam is entirely up to them.

After completing an exam in the Online Student Center, an electronic Grade Report will indicate the correct answer and reference page for any questions marked as incorrect. Whenever appropriate, an instructor may contact students by telephone or correspondence to discuss their study progress. Students are also welcome to contact their instructor if they feel the need to do so.

The individual examinations are scored on a straight numerical basis. Once a student has completed all the examinations in a course, the final grade is determined by averaging all the exam grades together. Some courses have only one exam. The final grade is determined by the following scale:


Students who receive 69% or lower on a test may elect to retest. If not, the standing “Failure” (F) indicates that the student has not obtained any credit for the course. A new test will be available online automatically with any failed exam. No further retests are permitted after the submission of a subsequent lesson exam or the expiration of the course time limit.

123ce policy is that any student who passes a retest may not score higher than 70%, no matter what score they received on the retest. Students who fail to achieve a minimum passing grade (70%) on a retest will receive the higher of the two failing grades they earned, which is calculated into the final average. No further retesting is available.

The Academy reserves the right to discontinue the enrollment of any student whose work is consistently poor.

Counseling is available upon request before any retest. Please email us at info@123ce.com or call us at 800-830-5142 with any questions regarding retests.