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123ce.com has helped thousands of students in the nutrition and dietary industry meet their education needs since 1984. Our courses are approved through the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals (ANFP) and are continually updated, ensuring full compliance.


5 Hour Courses

  • Intro to Food Safety and HACCP

This course covers food safety and preventing food-borne illness during the workflow in a kitchen, as well as an introduction to HACCP.$60.00

  • Advanced Culinary Nutrition Applications

An advanced nutrition course for individuals with culinary responsibilities. $60.00

  • Basics of Management and Leadership

Written to review and update students’ knowledge on management, supervision, and leadership.$60.00

  • Plus:
    -Human Resources Management: Update and Review
    -Nutrition: Making it Work for You

8-10 Hour Courses

  • Nutrient Analysis for School Breakfast & Lunch Programs
  • This 10-hour course covers school lunch and breakfast program regulations, and how to estimate nutrient content with both traditional and enhanced food-based menu planning $99.00

  • Practical Application of Food Allergy Guidelines
    This course provides an introduction to food allergies which covers recognition, evaluation, and testing. $88.00

  • Plus:
    -Microbial Food Safety: Beyond the Basics
    -Nutrition Considerations for the Culinary Staff
    -Food Safety and Sanitation

30 Hour Courses

  • Supervisory Management

    This course covers how to manage people in the food service industry, the importance of problem-solving methods, and techniques for effective planning. $187.50

  • Sanitation and Safety for the Hospitality Industry
    An in-depth course in food safety and sanitation. Students learn about food-borne diseases, the flow of food, safe food handling, maintaining sanitary facilities and equipment and pest management. $187.50

  • Management of Food and Labor Costs
  • Cost control from a managerial perspective is covered comprehensively in this course. $187.50

  • Plus:
    -Intro to Computers















123ce.com also offers 17 additional courses on various topics ranging in CEU length from 5-50 hours.

123ce.com is committed to providing convenient, affordable and quality courses to meet our students’ needs. We appreciate your including 123ce.com in your database of ANFP-approved options. Please consider forwarding or printing this page to your chapter members or click here to print before your next meeting.